YouTube: 6 Life-Changing Benefits of Knowing Your Best Colors 

Welcome to my first ever YouTube video! Today, I talk about some of the amazing benefits of knowing your best colors and some hints as to why I decided to become a Personal Color Consultant aka Personal Color Analyst! 

We all wonder what kind of color choices we should make in terms of clothing, makeup and hair.

Our first instinct is to scour the beauty blogs and reddit posts with no end in sight. I’m here to tell you that there’s a faster and easier way: a Personal Color Analysis. 

A trained Personal Color Analyst will compare your skin's reactions to different colors in a very systematic and chronological kind of way.

I found out that I look best in Bright Winter colors! Yay!

Number 1: Targeted Compliments

I used to get normal casual compliments along the line of “cute shirt!” or “cute purse!” The compliment is solely on the item itself and there’s no relation to me. But after getting my color analysis done, it’s the focus is on how I looked great with an item on me. It goes to show how people can intuitively feel that my body’s coloring complements the products. 

Before Analysis: “Cute shirt!”

After Analysis: “That shirt looks great on you!” or just “You look great!” 

It was also the first time that I got compliments on my liptick shade too! 

Number 2: Shed Visual Weight

  People also thought that I lost weight after dressing in my new found Bright Winter colors! I didn’t actually lose any weight. (I had honestly gained a couple of pounds.) But my features got so focused and defined, (you could clearly see my eyes, nose and lips much better) so people felt like I lost weight. It's a mind-boggling visual thing!

So, let's lose weight without losing weight?! LOL

Number 3: Simple and Practical!   

It is quite wallet-friendly. This did not make my shopping budget more expensive. I went to the exact same fashion labels, stores, and makeup brands that I used to shop at, and just simply pick out different items. Different colors don’t make it cost any more, but it makes me look much better! If you’d like, you could definitely double your shopping budget, but also I've actually found that it's easier for me to totally slash my shopping budget. I can be confident that I will look great in what I buy. I do significantly less returns and I also noticed that more of the clothes and makeup that I buy, I actually end up using! So basically, it’s more bang for your buck!

It's given me a great personal color reference: I know that certain shades of red are much more flattering than others. And same with green, yellow, blue and etc. 

Number 4: No More Concealer

I honestly don’t wear concealer anymore.

I'm someone who used to love wearing concealer. It was part of my everyday routine. I needed my concealer for under eye bags, around my nose for redness, on my cheeks for sunspots, and some genetically caused sunspots on my chin too. But, I don't wear concealer anymore.

When I wear the right colors, the visual messiness melted away. Which also explains why people that I lost weight. People are focused on the important features, like my eyes, nose, lips and  my chin too. Much of the texture worry disappeared for me. 

Real Talk: Skin Tone

And also talking about my skin tone, I- I also appreciate it more. Speaking of skin tone, I used to want paler, lighter, brighter skin -- as it goes with the whole Asian beauty standards.

I found that after doing Personal Color, I kind of love my skin tone. I also used to feel contempt about how it seems like so impossible to find a bronzer that worked for me. The summer mood would strike, I would want to pull off an iconic summer look. And I would just hate my skin tone for making bronzer look really dirty on me.

I actually don't have that problem anymore because now I know the colors just don't work on me. It's not because my skin tone is ugly. Some things look great on me and some other things don't look great on me, which makes sense.

So that's been great to not hate my skin anymore. 

Number 5: Control my impression.

I know how to manipulate my impression.

It's very difficult for me to look tired even when I am tired with the right colors.

But if I was trying to look sick and just not having a good day, then I would personally: Find and wear clothing that is Soft Autumn-y, complete with some nude beige lipstick.

Result: I am a very sickly person who can do no work for you. Hahah

So that's quite fun. To have that kind of knowledge, a sort of "weapon” almost. 

Of course, on the flip side, I know what to wear if I'm trying to look GREAT, like almost a celebrity. The important event could be date night with my hubby, job interview, job promotion, or even appearing in a Youtube video. This includes what type of lipstick, what kind of jewelry, and what kind of clothes. Very helpful!

Number 6: Stop comparing myself to others.

So I saved this for last.

I think the biggest positive that has come out of knowing Personal Color is that I don't compare myself to other people anymore, in terms of looks.

So I used to feel chaotic trying out trends and copying influencers, and beauty YouTubers. And I would get really down on myself if something didn't work out on me, whether it be a lipstick, eye makeup or clothes or even y'know, that certain kind of feel from them.

The resulting message that I would be getting is that if I try what they say is good and works for them and doesn't work for me, then it means like something's wrong with me: my skin, my face, something, my body.

But I found that those kinds of feelings melted away because I'm now evaluating those aspects with a frame of reference.

I am able to now look at a trend and now be like,

" Yes! Thank you trend! That will work for me!"

Or I can look at a trend and be like,

" Mm-mm. No way. Staying away from that trend, no thank you."

The same goes for hot new makeup launches or a new collection from your favorite fashion label. You can look at it and if everything is hot pink, you can either:

"Oh, I can wear that!"


"Oh, can't wear that. Most of it. We'll see. But probably not. I don't have my hopes high for this one."

So that's really nice!

There's nothing wrong with me. I know what's good for me and what's not the best for me. Makes me realize nothing is like "wrong" with me. So that also means that I'm perfect? Because perfect means there's no flaws. I don’t think perfect means that everything is amazing about you but rather it means that there’s nothing to “fix.”  You don't want to work against your body, you want to work with it.

Personal Color looks for what goes well with you seamlessly. That lets you to stop comparing yourself to all these different people. You can just focus on in yourself and appreciate it. I think there's a lot of self-empowerment in that.

It’s been amazing for my self-confidence and my self-esteem too. I’m really grateful for Personal Color. 

I think that feeling pretty should be a virtue.

It sounds narcissistic to say but how many of us hold ourselves back because you can’t picture yourself as a striking and well put together person. Some examples of what you could want but don’t even give yourself permission to strive for could a certain kind of job, a certain level of success or even a hot boyfriend. 

What is really powerful for me is when people come see me and we go through the entire Personal Color Analysis session and put on the correct Season's makeup and they gasp!

They look into the mirror and say,

"Gasp! I look like a girl from a magazine!"

I'm like,

"Yeah! You look hot!"

and they're like,

"Woah, I never thought that I looked hot!"

And I love that experience and I think Personal Color is a great way to make beauty democratic. Available to all! I LOVE it!

By Michelle Boni
Written on July 25, 2020
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