Notice: scheduling sessions are currently on pause for a short time — approximately mid-November — while my office is renovated, apologies for the inconvenice.

Personal Color Analysis

In the course of a private 4-hour consultation, we will compare 100+ drapes for an objective understanding of your best colors and discuss how to apply this new knowledge in accessories, cosmetics, clothing and hair coloring.


It is a process of comparing the facial effects of draping incrementally different colors in a controlled environment. You will be draped in a neutral gray space with specific lighting that minimizes color distortion so that we can be objective in our process of elimination towards your place in the 12 season personal color system.


  • Application of corresponding season’s cosmetics.
  • Demonstration of correct palette use.
  • Discussion for more flattering hair color.
  • Exploration on how to select correct foundation color.
  • Hands-on practice of bypassing unsuitable colors in clothing.
  • Provide solutions to any specific concerns such as wedding dress, glasses frames, graying, introducing cosmetics, weight change, and more.