Personal Color Analysis

In the course of a private 4-hour consultation, we will compare 100+ drapes for an objective understanding of your best colors and discuss how to apply this new knowledge in accessories, cosmetics, clothing and hair coloring.

What Comes With Every Session

  • Professional Analysis with Renowned Methods: A comprehensive Personal Color Analysis using the esteemed SciART method, conducted under calibrated professional lighting with premium color drapes.
  • Written Report: A comprehensive report that covers your season’s summary and keywords, how the season systems works and details on how to best utilize your season.
  • Deep Dive into Color Theory: Insight into the origins of PCA, foundational Color Theory principles, and the benchmarks for determining authentic personal colors.
  • Your Personal Color Tool: A physical swatch book featuring 105 meticulously curated and named colors in a handy format.
  • Maximizing Your Color Palette: Guidance on leveraging your swatch book to craft harmonious outfits and looks.
  • Makeup Mastery: Custom makeup application sessions matched to your seasonal colors, enriched with essential tips and assistance in choosing the right foundation.
  • Hands-on Practical Learning: Engage with 15-25 items from your collection, be it clothing, jewelry, or makeup, to learn about creating harmonious color ensembles.
  • Hair Color Consultation: Tailored recommendations for hair shades that complement your seasonal palette and advice on conveying your needs to your hairstylist.
  • Digital Companions: Receive a digital color palette for clothing and makeup, plus a range of digital resources packed with inspiration for hair, outfits, makeup, and jewelry.
  • Capture the Moment: A portrait photo capturing you in your best colors and makeup.
  • Exploring Extended Palettes: Delve deeper into sister seasons and nuances of individual pigments.
  • Adaptable Re-Analysis: Re-draping sessions considering changes like dyed hair or unique contact lenses.
  • Personalized Insights: Receive handwritten notes that detail the discoveries and recommendations from your session.
  • Post-Session Support: Benefit from two 30-minute follow-up phone calls with me - one a week after your session and another a month later. This ensures you’re confidently applying your new color knowledge and addressing any queries you might have.
Your journey to discovering your most harmonious colors doesn't end when the session does. I'm committed to guiding you even after, ensuring a transformative experience.

You can read more about the process in detail here.


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Here’s some testimonials:

Christine Scaman
12 Blueprints
From our first video call, Michelle impressed me with unassuming glamour, commitment to growth and learning, and a wish to contribute to the world with beauty and care. […] One of the most fascinating (and useful!) aspects of PCA is listening to how we are perceived through the eyes of others, and why others might have beliefs about us that we would find surprising, if not mysterious. Michelle could bring words to these impressions within a few drape changes and give profound answers. […] Colour speaks to us on many levels, which Michelle grasped from the beginning. To the person in the mirror, it’s more than dark shadows. Sensitive and appropriate, she guides the client as versions of themselves unfold, offering interpretations, supporting them with objective conclusions, sensitive to their uncertainty as their memory re-examines their appearance beliefs. It is my privilege and pleasure to introduce a new color analyst for the state of Florida.

Angel T.
True Winter
My experience with Michelle was amazing. It went beyond my expectation and I highly recommend from anyone who want to do a in-depth color analysis. She was super through, and made sure I was comfortable and made me feel confident about the whole process. I love how we were able to discuss and debated about many color before we settle with what truely fit me, which I am super excited and happy about. I also love that we were able to go over color and season that I wanted to double check.

Alyssa S.
Bright Winter
I had such a great experience working with Michelle for my Personal Color Analysis! I first became of aware of color analysis a couple years ago and I've always found it intriguing, but I didn't really like the idea of trying to do it virtually because it's so hard to get good, accurate photos on my own! I hadn't really thought of it much since then, until my recent birthday when my sister and husband surprised me by gifting me an appointment with Moon Over Star after my sister had found her account on Instagram!

I was super excited for my appointment, but to be totally honest I was also a bit nervous at first! I'm more of an introvert and sometimes making small talk feels awkward, so I wasn't sure what to expect with a 4-hour appointment! However, I immediately felt welcome and comfortable when I arrived! In addition to her knowledge and expertise on color analysis, I think one of Michelle's greatest gifts is her kindness and ability and to connect with others to make you feel comfortable and welcome! I read a few testimonials on Moon Over Star's website and noticed that many others felt the same way!

My actual color analysis experience was excellent, as well! She started the appointment by going over some of the basics on color theory (super interesting and helpful) and color analysis. After that, we started the actual draping process! Michelle was very thorough and made the process feel interactive and informative! I learned a lot about what colors worked for me (or not) and why, and I could tell that Michelle really values accuracy and taking the time to get it right. I also really appreciated how she helped me figure out my season with my hair covered as well as with it down. My hair is dyed a little bit darker than my natural color, not a lot, but it was enough to change which season works best for me! Knowing my color seasons for both options is so helpful! I also had a lot of fun with the makeup session, and found a few options that worked well for me that I otherwise wouldn't have considered. And I finally know that I have a cool undertone, which has already been so helpful when buying new makeup!

I can't say enough good things about this experience! If you're on the fence or not sure if it's right for you, I really recommend going for it!

Kailin R.
Dark Winter
I had so much fun and it was such an enjoyable experience. Your reassurance helped when we went through all of the draping(s). Also, I loved the mini palette when we were working with jewelry since you could really stare and compare. The same with the swatches for clothes that we brought in. It definitely helped with me understanding and building the confidence for what would suit me 💚 

Sheryline G.
Light Spring
I can’t express how thrilled I am that I finally took the plunge and completed an in-person color analysis with Michelle after debating it for MONTHS. Her service is expensive but SO WORTH it!! My friends have not stopped hearing me gush about her services! The session far surpassed any exceptions I had about how it would go or what I would learn. I had been reading about color seasons for YEARS and felt I had a great eye for color and solid understanding of the various color systems and theories, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Going into the analysis I even told her how I’d been researching this for years and Soft Summer made the most sense based on everything I’d read, but no matter what I was definitely cool toned (turned out I was a warm Light Spring, by a long shot!).

While online it’s easy to find resources that will give you a limited formula for finding your color season (i.e dark hair means dark season), what Michelle offers goes so far beyond all of that. While she’s of course highly trained in the theories and guidelines, but she also separates her eye from assumptions entirely and looks at how each color interacts with your individual features to create a psychological or emotional effect. I also loved how much she involves you in the process and teaches you how to view yourself objectively, so you are seeing and understanding it yourself while always keeping it fun and light.

As we were going through the draping I immediately realized just how crucial it was to do this in person, in a controlled environment with a trained but open analyst. Color analysis really goes so much farther than skin, eye and hair color and its absolutely fascinating to witness those effects yourself. For me, finding my season was not the easiest but once we found it, everything made sense.

After such an illuminating experience going through the draping at Michelle’s studio, I opted for the Wardrobe Color Audit where, equipped with the knowledge of your color season, she helps put everything you learned to use by going over your entire closet. This part was so much fun, it felt like having a personal coach teaching you how to put all of your newfound knowledge to practical use. Watching how she used her color swatches against each fabric I learned how to correctly identify a certain color’s compatibility with your season and which of my clothing items were most and least compatible. For example, I would not have known that a dark taupe-olive green would make for a perfect neutral color on me OR that a green dress I had was more cool toned vs warm toned by explaining with easy to understand fruit analogies!

As someone who wears a ton of patterns, figuring out how patterns play into each color season was the hardest part to figure out with my palette, so it was incredibly helpful to have her go through each and every one of my patterned dresses explaining how their overall vibe could fit into a certain season. For example, I found that among two dresses with a similar black lace on cream white pattern, the one that read as less dusty and feeling more light and refreshed was better. We also went over each accessory (belts, scarves and jewelry) and I now have a better sense on how to use these to enhance my overall look.

I seriously can’t recommend this enough for anyone. I feel so empowered now to buy clothing and accessories that will actually flatter me, and make more conscious, deliberate purchases of items that I’ll actually wear! I wish I would have had Michelle ten years ago when starting my career in the corporate world, being able to understand how certain colors have the power to make me look competent, confident and relaxed, while other colors can do the complete opposite and make me look powerless, anxious and stressed. This would have been such a game-changer! Michelle really does provide incredible value for each minute she spends with you and I can’t recommend her enough!

Rachel W.
Light Spring
I never really knew what "Personal Color" referred to, or when someone would say, "Oh, you are SUCH a summer!"  Wait - are we talking... personality? My favorite color?  My favorite time of year?  Yep - clueless!  However, the one thing I was pretty certain of was that "Personal Color" is meant to make you look amazing.
Enter:  Michelle, the color expert, the hue master, the specialist of the spectrum!  She came to my rescue and shared with me a wealth of knowledge that has since been improving my life in so many ways (including helping me look amazing)!
I didn't think twice when I booked my Personal Color Analysis session with Michelle.  When the day arrived, Michelle began by thoroughly explaining the concept of the seasons and all the subdivisions...she really brought the ideas to life, and I was so fascinated!  Then the draping commenced, and we had quite an enlightening couple of hours.  Michelle was incredibly skilled at helping me view myself in different ways with comparing and contrasting drapes.  With every color confirmation, she effectively narrowed down the seasons into the one that looked best on me - Light Spring! 
Of course, the fun didn't stop there!  Once we'd discovered my type, we dove into the makeup, jewelry, and clothing analysis.  Michelle carefully helped me select and apply the cosmetics that made me glow; she found my best foundation shade, lipstick tints, blush colors, and more. She even took the time to help me apply them and shared different tips and tricks to make it easier!  Afterwards, she looked at each piece of clothing and item of jewelry I'd brought along and helped me through deciding if it were in the Light Spring color palette or not.  It was empowering to be able to pick up a shirt and immediately identify whether the color fell in my season or not.  Needless to say, I am currently reworking my entire wardrobe and embracing my beautiful pastels!
Michelle has taught me not only how to look my best, but also how to truly feel my best.  The results of her Personal Color Analysis have shone through so many times now that I'm wearing my best colors out in public.  With Michelle's guidance and education, I now understand how I can strategically alter my appearance with color, and's a social superpower!
Have no doubts; Michelle is the real deal.  I absolutely recommend Moon Over Star for your personal color and styling needs.  You will be inspired by the results!

Kathy N.
Bright Winter
I had an amazing experience with Michelle from Moon Over Star! Prior to seeing her, I have been doing my own research on color theory and personal colors and I even watched a professional color analyst on Youtube and tried to put myself into a season. Based on their information, I was supposed to be a Dark Winter. However, I found myself not liking so much of the colors in that palette. After a long time of trying to figure out my undertone and season, I realized I needed a professional to help me analyze my personal color. Luckily, I found Michelle through her Instagram, and I loved seeing the results of her clients so I quickly booked an appointment with her. This was my first time getting a professional draping done and I didn't know what to expect but Michelle took her time to carefully explain everything. She began by going over basic color theory and some history behind it. What I really loved was that she also explained her personal philosophy on how she wanted to help me find colors that would make me look healthy, happy, approachable and empowering. I was surprised that colors could leave such a huge impression on people. We carefully went through each drape and picked out which ones made me look glowing, more put together and powerful versus colors that made me look tired, sick or washed out. After careful consideration, we landed on Bright Winter as my color season. I'm very pleased with my results, I love all the colors in the palette and how they suit me and my personality. This was an incredible experience that positively impacted my life and I cannot thank Michelle enough!

Ashley B.
True Summer
Hi Michelle,

You did a PCA for me a few years ago [in 2019] just as you were moving out of Portland. I so appreciated your expertise and wise advice at the time. I just googled you and it looks like you’re in FL now and still doing PCA, I hope the move and sunny weather and your business are going well for you!

I’m reaching out because I have a recollection of sort of bristling at the time of being a True Summer and I wanted to apologize for ever doubting you. I’ve been on a bit of a color journey over the last year, and I ended up getting a virtual analysis with [redacted] - a friend recommended them and I just love her social media. They typed me as a light summer. I tried those colors for a bit but they just did not feel quite right, especially the light spring sister season colors. I understand now that [redacted] doesn’t have nearly the training that you do. Anyhow, I decided to do another in person analysis here to settle it once and for all and she was literally like “You’re the most true summer true summer I’ve met in a while” 😂😂. So you were 100% right years ago!!

It took some time but I’m happy to say that I love rocking that pink lipstick now! Thank you for all of your kindness and patience.

Wishing you a wonderful day,

Chrislande D.
Light Summer
I had an exquisite experience with Michelle.

I was coming into the draping without having high hopes. I understand that the seasonal systems can be charged with prejudices about where people are able to fit in based on the color of their skin and hair.

I also had already been draped by another very popular stylist as a winter---however, when they were draping me-- I enjoyed some of the other drapes more than the Winter colors I ended up getting.

In the frenzy of the pandemic, I spent a lot of time getting virtually analyzed and that was fun but I got so many mixed messages. For some people I was an Autumn, others a Spring. But my instincts (and friends) told me to keep looking.

I learned about Michelle through her AI makeup. As a makeup lover and a woman in tech, I felt kinship to her immediately even though I hadn't met her.

This spring, I had an opportunity to take a trip to Florida and jumped at the chance to see Michelle. When I arrived, she took the time to explain the process to me and to give me more information about the relationships between color.

We also bonded on how prejudices are an obstacle for women of color in the context of color analysis, so I felt like she understood where I was coming from and what I wanted from the draping.

She took her time with the draping. I loved how I was able to interact and ask questions. I also loved how much care she put into educating me throughout the draping. Michelle was also very thorough in comparing seasons and in educating me about each season we tried and really putting words into what we were seeing.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Michelle and surprisingly, my new life as a Light Summer.

The experience has really already changed how I shop and dress. I'm forever grateful.

Marie H.
True Winter
For over 10 years I’ve been under the impression that I was a Summer. I had completed a virtual color analysis and was told that I was indeed a Summer. However, I found over and over again that I would buy clothes in the Summer palette only to end up donating them weeks or months later because they just didn’t look right. Strangely enough I often bought white, navy, black, and gray even though they really weren’t in my “supposed” palette.

I decided, after a lot of research, that I wanted to do an in-person draping. I went online and was lucky enough to come across Moon Over Star and Michelle. We had a brief call where we discussed my goals, thoughts, and overall hopes for the process and we scheduled the in-person session. Michelle immediately put me at ease and her gracious and warm personality had me convinced that I had finally found the right avenue to figure out my palette.

The day of draping I arrived and Michelle was just as great in-person as she was over the phone. Her home was very welcoming and she has a studio that is well appointed for the draping process. The entire process took around 4 hours and I found out I AM NOT A SUMMER! I was flabbergasted but the drapes didn’t lie. I was always pretty sure that I wasn’t a warm undertone (e.g. Autumn or Spring) because I look horrendous in anything orange. However, I had not really ever suspected I was a Winter. Drape after drape reaffirmed the truth.

Michelle is such a professional and this process is about much more than what colors look best. I didn’t realize that I had often been hiding behind the colors I had been choosing to wear. Michelle showed me how selecting color can have a dramatic impact on your overall presence and that has been really amazing. I realized that my makeup, hair color, and the clothes I had been choosing were fading me into the background instead of helping me stand out. I’ve changed my hair, makeup, and have begun the process of refining my wardrobe. I feel more like myself everyday. This service is invaluable and Michelle is awesome!

Joanne G.
True Summer
I came into my appointment with Michelle really having no idea what season I was and not knowing whether my skin tone was warm or cool (but thought it might be warm). I was especially eager to learn what shade of foundation I should wear.

Through the draping process, Michelle taught me what to look for in how clothing color affected my facial features and skin color, and I was able to see what she saw — and it turns out I’m cool — a True Summer! 

Michelle took so much time with me, teaching me how to compare foundation colors. In addition to foundation, she taught me what eye shadow, blush, and lipstick colors would look best on me. We also went through several items of clothing I had brought.

I am so grateful to Michelle for her knowledge, patience and care. She spent so much time with me because she wanted to be sure all my questions were answered. She is such a lovely person and I had such a fun afternoon playing with colors and makeup with her.

It was totally worth it.

Liz P.
Age: 45–55
Michelle was so skilled and professional during our color consult, and her approach was precise, warm, and welcoming. She took extra time to clarify my questions about the subtle effects of light and color on my skin, hair, and eyes, and she used the palette fan to great effect, helping me to see the “small differences that make big differences.” Once my season was identified, she coached me on my selection of clothing that I’d brought along for consultation, so that I could use the palette fan to recognize which colors really worked and which were near-misses. I really appreciate how her thoughtful sharing of impressions during the color session gave me the opportunity to learn to see with new eyes, as well as provided helpful guidance on using the fan as a practical tool. Highly recommended!!!

Shinae K.
Dark Autumn
Getting a Personal Color Analysis (PCA) from Michelle was an utterly fabulous experience, one that reshaped my relationship with fashion. Imagine my delight when, after an array of drapes in various hues, we established that I was a Dark Autumn.

Michelle's expertise didn't stop there, she also devoted time to scrutinizing my makeup collection with meticulous attention to detail. She even went the extra mile of dabbing my foundation onto paper to ensure the perfect undertone - now, that's commitment to the cause! Not only was it a comprehensive analysis but also an enlightening tutorial on identifying my ideal foundation shade.

Having the luxury of being in my own home for the PCA session, we then dived into the fun task of rifling through my wardrobe. It was perfect timing as I'd been considering a wardrobe detox anyway. Having Michelle's guidance on what was suited to my newly found Dark Autumn season was incredibly helpful. The level of detail she went into was simply marvelous, and it made parting with some pieces a lot easier knowing they weren't enhancing my palette.

Fast forward to two years later, and the benefits of the PCA are still crystal clear. Initially, I was a little nervous about making incorrect color choices, but Michelle reassured me that it's important to wear what I love. Armed with this confidence, I started incorporating more burnt orange and olive green into my outfits - and my husband couldn't help but notice!

Interestingly, people started complimenting me on my consistency, even though I felt slightly self-conscious about my repetitive color choices. It was then that I realised the true power of my digital color palette - Michelle's handy gift. Studying this palette was an amazing way of learning my season's colors, especially when shopping online. And now, I'm thrilled to say, I don't even need to reference it!

What's been really fun is how my husband now recognizes if an outfit isn't in my season, and I just laugh and tell him, "I like it, so I'm wearing it!" Michelle has really taught me that at the end of the day, confidence in what you wear makes all the difference.

As for makeup, I've found my tried and trusted favourites within Michelle's Dark Autumn range, particularly the Boutique blush from 12 Blueprints and the MAC Dubonnet lipstick that she recommended on her Instagram for Dark Autumns. Having a consistent makeup look is something I thoroughly enjoy - it saves time and always guarantees a look I love.

Michelle was an absolute joy to work with. She blended professionalism with a relatable and friendly demeanor. Her emphasis on empowerment and flexibility really resonated with me. Rather than stressing about avoiding mistakes, she taught me the importance of steering clear from shades that didn't flatter my complexion.

I couldn't recommend Michelle's PCA service more highly! Her approach is unique and personable, making you feel at ease and ensuring the whole process is an enjoyable experience.

Since my PCA, I've received so many compliments. People have noticed how I seem more put-together, striking, and just generally more noticeable. It's like I've got this newfound glow, and it's all thanks to the power of color! So, if you've been thinking about booking a PCA, take my advice and just go for it. You won't regret it!

Mary Ellen O.
Soft Summer
I had the awesome experience of having a personal color analysis performed by Michelle of Moon Over Star. Michelle draped me and took plenty of time to go step by step carefully studying the changes that happened in my skin and bone structure. Michelle was extremely thorough and did not rush ensuring that we both were confident in the result. It was so much fun because she explained each step and exactly what she was seeing. Most importantly, I now know for sure what my very best colors are, and I know what colors to absolutely avoid.

Michelle also did a style analysis for me. She looked at the lines of my body and took great care to incorporate my personality and essence as well. I now know how to choose clothes and accessories that will flatter my shape and coloring.

I highly recommend Moon Over Star if you want help in choosing colors and styles that will make you look your best.

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