Personal Style/Line Analysis

In the course of two private 2-hour consultations, we will discuss the characteristics of your facial features, body’s bone + muscle structure, and fat/flesh placement and how your unique combination informs your harmonious silhouette, fabric weight, detailing, makeup styling, patterns and more.

Session One: Learning

We begin by learning about your style journey, goals,  and your current lifestyle. It is a process of perhaps rediscovering your own insights and for me to understand where the gaps in self-knowldge may lie.  

Session Two: Presentation

I will organize my observations and place your characteristics and their correlated essences against the variety found in the general public. Short overview

  • Short overview of Ying and Yang
  • Short overview of observed different essences
  • Overall energy that your unique body possess
  • Recommended makeup application techniques
  • Recommended hair styles and hair cuts
  • Recommended silhouettes and fabric weight
  • Hands-on practice of bypassing unflattering styles
  • Provide solutions to any specific concerns such as wedding dress, glasses frames, graying, introducing cosmetics, weight change, and more.

Additional Services:

Online or In-Person Personal Shopper

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Moon Over Star is a personal color analysis studio dedicated to your self-image journey. Michelle MacIsaac offers color analysis services in Orlando and to clients worldwide, so you can finally show up to life and achieve your aspirations with confidence and joy.

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