The distilled concern all of my clients have is this:

“How do I achieve personal beauty consistently?”

We care and invest in our looks, our beauty, not because we are vain or vapid. We care because it constantly sends out signals to ourselves and to others about who we can be.

The practice of beauty is simply an acknowledgment that physical appearances do matter and hold power that simultaneously communicate to others and oneself. For most people, this means entering a confusing sea of beauty practices set by a few powerful players. A disconnected sense of dependency on shifting standards may develop, leading to an eventual condemnation of the whole pursuit. This is also very tricky. Denial or resentment of the role that physical appearance plays can rack us with insecurity and anxiety, corrode our imaginings of life’s potential, and ultimately, erode our sense of creativity and self-expression.

At Moon Over Star, we wish to bestow the power back to the individual. A reminder that every woman and man possess inside themselves all the ingredients of style and confidence. There is nothing lacking or “bad” about the faces and/or physical bodies that we inhabit; all that we need to give to our physical bodies is understanding and appreciation, not hatred.

We set out to provide tools, a sense of literacy, that you’ll utilize every day in constructing your individual beauty…

We cultivate personal beauty by looking at our physical selves without denial or pretension. Authenticity blooms from witnessing what is there and from finding a true appreciation for what we have. By providing a centered understanding of what elements bring a person’s unique personal beauty to the surface, a new sense of growing relief and confidence can be found.

We set out to provide tools, a sense of literacy, that you’ll utilize every day in constructing your individual beauty: building your wardrobe, shopping for your foundation and lipstick, and choosing your hair dye. The confidence that you will look your best for any occasion whether it’s a wedding, an interview or a date. The self-knowledge of whether you should give that new Instagram trend or makeup launch a second thought, and the confidence to lead any given makeup or hair appointment.

So yes, you win sustainable knowledge about what works for you stylistically, and also the gift of self-discovery about who you are, and how to use clothing and makeup to tell the world about the real you. Let people see the depth and the richness of your charisma and allure. Let your inner power shine through and be seen.

By Michelle Boni
Written on July 30, 2020
© 2024
Orlando, FL

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