Three Sisters with Different Personal Color Seasons 

I had such a blast with these three sisters!

It all started when Theresa booked me for Personal Color Analysis since getting it done was part of her 12 week year goal. And then, she reached out if her two sisters can join for a total of three clients.

When I got the request, I was psyched because I knew what it would mean to be able to get it done together!!

But also nervous because I had never done a three-person session before. So I carefully planned what is absolutely necessary in my presentation, and ways to adapt my draping process to increase time efficiency but not compromise on my top notch accuracy that I pride myself in.

We were able to finish the entire session in 9am-5pm while having the most fun I’ve had with clients! There was so much laughter, energy and good friendly teasing that only sisters can do.

It also gave me a chance to expand my understanding and trust in the  personal color analysis process despite unexpected variables like permanent makeup.

At first glance, I worried that tattooed lip stain and/or micro bladed eyebrows would hinder the ease of the analysis but that couldn’t be further from the truth! My experience and my training had prepared me well to identify their most flattering colors despite these added pigments!

What was also unexpected, was that the results were so wildly different for all these 3 sisters! They were all in completely different seasons, which is so surprising because the mom/daughters that I had done before, they were usually seasons right next to each other! Hahaha.

Theresa was Dark Autumn,

Charity was Light Summer and

Diana was Bright Spring.

And with me being Bright Winter, we had representation across all 4 seasons with 4 Asian girls: Dark Autumn, Bright Spring, Light Summer and Bright Winter.

I couldn’t have planned this better if I tried!! It was so cute to see how much each of the sisters got more relaxed, cracking jokes after we found their season after being a bit shy before.

We all felt so authentic in these colors that they had not imagined before and I LOVE LOVE that! Feeling comfortable in our own skin is really all we want at the end of the day.

The diversity just within one family — in both personality and color season— really gives me a chance to see really appreciate the multitudes that we carry in ourselves, our families and in our ethnicities.

The best part was when, after identifying clothes and makeup that would be better off donated because of a mismatch with their new season, they started “stealing” those same clothes and makeup from each other. LOLL

By Michelle Boni
Written on June 29, 2023
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Orlando, FL

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