Each person’s unique combination of melanin, carotene, and hemoglobin pigments mean that your best shade of lipstick could be someone else’s worst and vice versa. We discover yours through a process called Personal Color Analysis.
I compare how different 100+ color drapes react with your natural skintone to find your best colors for your wardrobe, makeup, and hair. The right combination of colors can unlock your innate healthy glow, defined features, and the richness of your heart.

I founded Moon Over Star because I wanted to bring literacy to the subject of personal beauty. Having spent years trying to keep up with the traditional beauty and fashion industry as a young woman, I was left confused and resentful of unpredictable trends, celebrity-focused ideals and shame-provoking marketing.
        I want to hand the power of authentic beauty back to individuals - centered around an objective understanding and appreciation for our unique physical selves.

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My relationship with beauty was haphazard.
        Growing up, people said I was pretty, but I never felt comfortable with their words. I questioned the real value of beauty and whether beauty was overvalued in our society. But, I would also spend hours both admiring and critiquing my looks while secretly afraid that I was valued only for my outer appearance. It fueled my cyclical habit of overindulgence in the beauty industry contrasted by long periods of willful abstinence.

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