My Journey to Becoming a Personal Color Analyst

Growing up, I had a complicated relationship with beauty. Like many, I oscillated between trying to find my own aesthetic and rejecting the idea of beauty as a societal value.

As I moved into the professional world, I quickly realized that appearance does matter - not as a shallow value, but as a way of expressing our personalities, competence, and confidence.

My journey with PCA began when I first became aware of the power and influence of color on our perceptions of ourselves and others.

The Fascination and Inquiry

During my early professional journey, questions about color choices in clothing and makeup, and how these choices could impact my professional image, began to dominate my thoughts. It was during this period of inquiry that I recalled a segment I had seen years ago on Korean TV about Personal Color Analysis. This sparked my deep dive into the world of PCA and the science of color harmony.

I discovered the unique combinations of melanin, carotene, and hemoglobin pigments that determine each person's flattering colors. I also realized the power of a coordinated and harmonious wardrobe, and the vitality, authenticity, and richness of character that the right colors could bring to the surface.


Driven by my passion for PCA and my desire to empower others with this knowledge, I sought out formal training. In 2019, I trained with Christine of 12 Blueprints, a system renowned for its structured methods and insight into natural color harmony. This training was transformative and reaffirmed my mission to spread the joy and practicality of PCA.

I spent three months studying color theory and various aspects of personal color. After that, I journeyed to Canada for a one-on-one training with Christine. Over four days, I got to witness the transformational power of color as I observed the color analysis process on eight volunteers, including myself.

This intense training equipped me with specialized skills, from understanding the best order of draping to recognizing subtle disharmony in color combinations. A key component of my training was understanding the human element - recognizing characteristics that resonate universally in a pleasing presentation and learning how to interact effectively with clients to guide them through their color journey. To refine my skills further, I draped 15 additional volunteers for free after my training until I achieved professional recognition.

Certification and Recognition

Upon completion of my training and practice period, I received formal certification from Christine of 12 Blueprints. I am now proudly listed on her analyst directory page, an acknowledgment of my proficiency and dedication to the field of personal color analysis. Moreover, I am part of the Chrysalis Colour network, an international collective of Colour Analysts trained in the SciART method by leaders in the field: Christine Scaman, founder of 12 BLUEPRINTS, and Terry Wildfong, founder of Your Natural Design SciART method.

Travel to Korea

With my certification and recognition, I felt the need to deepen my knowledge further. Thus, I traveled to Korea to understand how PCA and makeup application are approached in different cultural contexts. This travel experience was insightful, as I gained first-hand knowledge of the universal application of PCA and further confidence in my ability to perform color analysis.

Offering PCA Sessions:

Upon my return, I began offering PCA sessions. Although the COVID-19 pandemic initially paused my operations, I resumed as soon as I could provide services safely. Since then, I have helped over 100 clients discover their best colors and harness the power of PCA in their everyday lives.

My Beliefs

I am a firm believer that beauty should be accessible to all and that PCA is a powerful tool for achieving this. It’s not just about aesthetics, but also about self-confidence, self-expression, and understanding oneself better. With PCA, we can all navigate the world with more assurance and authenticity.

Christine's words about me in a review post provide further testament to my skills and commitment:

From our first video call, Michelle impressed me with unassuming glamour, commitment to growth and learning, and a wish to contribute to the world with beauty and care... One of the most fascinating (and useful!) aspects of PCA is listening to how we are perceived through the eyes of others, and why others might have beliefs about us that we would find surprising, if not mysterious. Michelle could bring words to these impressions within a few drape changes and give profound answers... Colour speaks to us on many levels, which Michelle grasped from the beginning. To the person in the mirror, it’s more than dark shadows. Sensitive and appropriate, she guides the client as versions of themselves unfold, offering interpretations, supporting them with objective conclusions, sensitive to their uncertainty as their memory re-examines their appearance beliefs. It is my privilege and pleasure to introduce a new color analyst for the state of Florida.

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