Discover Your 'Wow' Season: My Method for Ensuring Accurate Results

Precision is paramount in the process of Personal Color Analysis (PCA). The hues that harmonize with your natural skin, hair, and eye colors can have a transformative effect on your self-presentation and self-perception. Recognizing the significance of accuracy, I use a methodical process focused on meticulous testing and open dialogue with my clients according to my training

Here's a glimpse into how I ensure accurate results:

One Decision at a Time: I concentrate on comparing two drapes from the same color family at a time, reducing confusion and enabling accurate decision-making based on subtle differences.

Layering Confirmations: To ensure the highest level of precision, I incorporate repeated confirmations into my process.

Observation of Differences: My goal is not just to avoid unflattering colors but to actively seek the 'wow' season - the one that brings out the best in you.

Client Involvement: I involve clients in the process, helping them understand each elimination based on pre-set guidelines for transparency and confidence in future choices.

Open Dialogue: I value communication. I welcome questions from clients and encourage them to express their views on color choices, making them integral parts of the decision-making process.

Checking Analyst Bias: To avoid biases that could impact the results, I approach the process with a scientist's mindset, constantly testing hypotheses with new data.

Orderly Draping and Eliminations: I set a baseline of the range of effects on a client's face before starting the conservative elimination process based on clear differences between color options.

Your PCA result is determined entirely by you and direct observations, not from stereotypes. I vehemently disagree with the notion that certain ethnicities fit only specific personal color seasons, a bias I've seen in the field. As a minority woman, I bring a unique perspective to this industry, predominantly composed of white women. Click here to read about three Asian sisters who were a Spring, Summer and Autumn.

Many color analysts adhere strictly to predetermined color systems and established guidelines. However, my approach deviates from this norm and offers a unique perspective.

I believe that the advice or any other system on your personal beauty is not an absolute authority that you should feel compelled to follow blindly. My approach is not about adhering to rigid rules that could lead to an artificial or stifling sense of self. Instead, I see PCA as a tool, a framework that helps you explore the wide spectrum of beauty and style that corresponds with your unique coloring.

My role as a color analyst is akin to that of a guide, leading you towards a deeper understanding and appreciation of your own beauty. This journey is about expressing yourself in a way that’s uniquely you, and my goal is to help you navigate this path.

Take for instance a basic cake recipe. Each person has their own set of ingredients—their skin, hair, and eye colors. My role is to help you learn how to combine these ingredients in the most flattering way. But, much like baking a cake, there’s plenty of room for creativity and fun along the way! I encourage my clients to experiment and play with their personal color palettes, to discover new looks that make them feel confident and beautiful.

Remember, PCA isn't about changing who you are—it's about revealing the best version of yourself through the power of color. With this in mind, I strive to make the PCA process as meticulous, inclusive, and transparent as possible, always aiming to enhance your confidence and style. Your uniqueness is my guiding principle, and your journey to authenticity is our shared goal. Are you ready to embrace a more colorful, confident, and authentic you?

Real Life Testimonial

Now, I'd like to share a testimonial from one of my past clients, Ashley.

“Hi Michelle,

You did a PCA for me a few years ago [in 2019] just as you were moving out of Portland. I so appreciated your expertise and wise advice at the time. I just googled you and it looks like you’re in FL now and still doing PCA, I hope the move and sunny weather and your business are going well for you!

I’m reaching out because I have a recollection of sort of bristling at the time of being a True Summer and I wanted to apologize for ever doubting you. I’ve been on a bit of a color journey over the last year, and I ended up getting a virtual analysis with [redacted] - a friend recommended them and I just love her social media. They typed me as a light summer. I tried those colors for a bit but they just did not feel quite right, especially the light spring sister season colors. I understand now that [redacted] doesn’t have nearly the training that you do. Anyhow, I decided to do another in person analysis here to settle it once and for all and she was literally like “You’re the most true summer true summer I’ve met in a while” 😂😂. So you were 100% right years ago!!

It took some time but I’m happy to say that I love rocking that pink lipstick now! Thank you for all of your kindness and patience.

Wishing you a wonderful day,

Ashley reached out to me to share her journey and appreciate the accuracy of our initial analysis. She's now embracing her True Summer colors, particularly enjoying her pink lipstick! This real-life story emphasizes the importance of expert analysis, the value of accepting your natural palette, and the lasting validity of PCA results.

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