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Hi, I’m Michelle, a personal color consultant. Through a process called Personal Color Analysis, I can help you find your best colors for clothing, makeup, hair, and more.

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Each person’s unique combination of melanin, carotene, and hemoglobin pigments mean that your best shade of lipstick could be someone else’s worst and vice versa. We discover yours through a process called Personal Color Analysis.

I compare how different 100+ color drapes react with your natural skintone to find your best colors for your wardrobe, makeup, and hair. The right combination of colors can unlock your innate healthy glow, defined features, and the richness of your heart.

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Here’s some of my beautiful clients draped in their color season:

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Moon Over Star is a personal color analysis studio dedicated to your self-image journey. Michelle MacIsaac offers color analysis services in Orlando and to clients worldwide, so you can finally show up to life and achieve your aspirations with confidence and joy.

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