Coming Home to Bright Winter

During my 12 Blueprints training, I was draped as a Bright Winter. I had previously hoped myself to be a Dark Winter based on a couple of things. I knew that there were many times when I felt that foundations or other BB creams were too yellow on me. And I own precisely zero orange clothing as I always thought that it made me look terrible. That gave me hints that I might be cool-toned and belong in the Cool seasons of Summer or Winter. Looking through the different colors of Summers and Winters, I preferred the strength of Winter colors in comparison to Summer colors. As for my specific attachment to Dark Winter, I thought that my current wardrobe most closely correlated with Dark Winter colors.

I looked healthy, fresh and happy. And according to my husband, incredibly attractive. I just look DAMN GOOD.

I was able to see with my own eyes that Bright Winter was more flattering on me along with precise language about specific changes on my face. I was surprised by my season but I couldn’t argue with what I had seen in the mirror during draping. I started to seek out makeup and clothing that were Bright Winter coloring. I will admit that it did involve a learning curve and shifting how I perceived the colors to be. Initially, I had to deal with my bias that Bright Winter colors looked burlesque, or even reminiscent of cheap Halloween clothing. I was much more used to Dark Winter in terms of my makeup and clothing. But slowly, I came to appreciate the large range even within Bright Winter coloring and especially how the colors looked in relation to me — my physical body and face.

When I looked at a single Bright Winter lipstick or blush in the pot, it looked overwhelming. But placed and applied on my face, I realized that I can’t help but smile when looking at myself in the mirror. I looked healthy, fresh and happy. And according to my husband, incredibly attractive. I just look DAMN GOOD. I realized that as flattering as Dark Winter was compared to the other 12 seasons, it doesn’t compare to the effects that Bright Winter gave me. Dark Winter actually showed a more tired and aged side of myself that emphasized my dark circles compared to Bright Winter.

It proved to be a similar but more drawn-out experience with clothing. Hesitation for Bright Winter clothing persisted. First, it was difficult to find of Bright Winter clothing that fulfilled my other style needs. Second, I feared drawing more attention to myself than necessary. I slowly realized that Bright Winter is perhaps less common than its more muted season counterparts but not difficult to find at most large clothing retailers. The real turning point was increasing my own recognition of Bright Winter color through familiarity. I also found that my appearance didn’t look overpowering or unnatural at all with Bright Winter, rather, I looked balanced and sophisticated. My fears that I won’t look respectable fell away.

The process of filling out a Bright Winter wardrobe is still far from over but I’m glad that it’s not. I’m thoroughly enjoying this process of honing my eye and crafting a vision for how I could show up. I feel my new self moving through life with more strength and peace with each new discovery of color combinations and new apparels. I no longer spend hours looking at ill-fitting clothing and can even bypass entire trends confidently. The time that I am taking to become comfortable with a new color palette allows me to slowly journey home.

I would like to remind people to stay open minded on what their season could be and to stay focused on witnessing true effects in the mirror. I understand how uncomfortable and even painful this can be. It can feel like a battle against your own sense of understanding what looks good on you. A truly humbling experience. I hope to be there for you through it all until you can use your personal color season to its full potential too.

By Michelle Boni
Written on September 1, 2020
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Orlando, FL

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