Unlocking Your Color Palette: The PCA Process

Whether you've just heard of Personal Color Analysis (PCA) or have been researching for a while, you might still have questions about the actual process. In this blog post, I'll take you through each step of the PCA process to ensure you know exactly what to expect during your consultation.

Beginning Your Session: First Steps and Expectations

When you arrive for your PCA session, you will be warmly welcomed and offered a beverage of your choice. You'll be shown where the bathroom is located for your convenience, and we'll have a brief chat before we begin, allowing you to ask any burning questions you may have and ensuring any factors to be aware of are addressed. You will also be provided papers for note-taking.

What is the PCA Process?

Next, we move onto the draping process of around 2 hours, where I will place a variety of color drapes around your upper body, observing how different colors interact with your skin tone. I'll also ask you to remove any makeup and jewelry, and to tie up your hair. This is to ensure that nothing interferes with your natural coloring during the analysis. You will be seated in front a neutral gray backdrop, with a special calibrated lights on either side of you and a mirror will be placed directly in front of you.

PCA is a methodical process of color elimination, honing in on the hues that make you look healthy, vibrant, and truly yourself. It's not merely about identifying flattering colors; it's about creating a palette that best represents and enhances your authentic self.

At Moon Over Star, I provide a meticulously designed PCA session that takes into account both technical aspects such as skin tone, definition, and texture, and subjective factors like approachability, influence, and presence. This balanced approach results in a personalized color palette that elevates your style and self-expression. You can read more about it here.

The Role of the Client

In this interactive journey, your input and feedback are vital. PCA is not a one-way street where I do all the work and you simply receive the results. Instead, it’s an interactive journey that we embark on together. I urge you to engage fully in the process. Speak up, ask questions, share your thoughts, and express any doubts or disagreements you might have. Remember, the ultimate aim of PCA is to help you understand and express your unique beauty. Your input and feedback are vital to achieving that goal.

Practical Application: From Draping to Personal Styling

After draping, we'll spend two hours on practical application and discussion. Using color swatches, we'll discuss flattering hair colors. Next, we'll transition to the vanity for a makeup session. We'll apply season-appropriate cosmetics to further support your season's final decision. We'll then evaluate your makeup foundation’s undertone for potential improvements, analyze your makeup products, and determine your best lip color according to a physical color palette.

We'll also analyze your clothing and accessories against the physical color palette, aiming for color harmony, not exact matching. We'll review all the items you brought, providing personalized recommendations. Finally, we'll address any specific concerns you may have, such as choosing a wedding dress, glasses frames, handling graying or weight change, introducing cosmetics, and more.

Journey of Continued Support

Our commitment to your color journey doesn't end with the PCA session. We provide a Pinterest board, a virtual clothing color palette, a virtual makeup palette, and makeup suggestions. We’re also always available for follow-up emails to answer any questions you may have.


The PCA process is more than just identifying 'your colors.' It is a transformative process that impacts every aspect of your personal style, from your wardrobe to your makeup, hair color, and even your jewelry. At Moon Over Star, I’m excited to guide you on this journey of color discovery and self-expression. Embrace the power of color. Reveal your best self.

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